What are you doing after high school?

How do I figure out which school to go to?

Once you've figured out what you're interested in learning and the kind of career you want, it'll be easier to find the right kind of school or training for you.


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The idea of apprenticeships is hundreds and hundreds of years old - find somebody whose job you want, hang out with them and learn their craft.

These jobs are always in demand and are perfect for people who like to learn while on the job. You can even start while you're still in high school through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. The easiest way for you to get more info is to call or visit the apprenticeship office nearest you.

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There are 24 colleges in Ontario so chances are there's one close to you. College courses are aimed at getting you a job and range from agriculture to x-ray technician.

Private career colleges

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There are thousands of private career colleges across Ontario where you can get specific training in everything from hair dressing, media arts, business, computers and health care.

Remember these aren't publicly funded colleges so do your research and make sure the college is on the up-and-up. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities registers schools that meet their standards so be aware that if you go to a school that hasn't been registered, you won't be covered by the government's protections.


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Universities serve a couple purposes - they can lead you to a specific professional career like law or medicine or they can give you a broad-range of knowledge that help you figure out who you want to be, maybe go to grad school or enter a certificate program at a college. Most university degrees take four years of school.

When you want to go to university, you don't actually apply directly to the university. Instead, you apply electronically through a place called the Ontario University Application Centre.

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