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Did you know 1 in 5 teens can have a mental health concern?

If you aren’t going through a rough time, chances are one of your friends might be and you might not even know it.

It's perfectly normal to feel sad or irritable every now and then. But if these feelings don’t go away or become too intense, you or your friend should ask for some help.

Here are some ways to get help:

Knowledge is Power

Educate yourself. Learning about mental health can also help you spot the signs that someone you know might need some support.

  • Knowing the facts and dispelling the myths is your first step.
  • If you are worried about a friend who might be struggling, here are some important tips on how to help them.
  • If you think you need help, don’t remain silent because you’re not alone! Take a step forward and ask for it. You can reach out to your family for support. If you don’t feel ready, speak to an adult you can trust.

Connect to Kids Help Phone

Getting help is easy with Kids Help Phone. You or a friend can speak directly to a counsellor on the phone. If you’re helping a friend and they're not ready to talk, Kids Help Phone can also help you on how to best support your friend.

Counsellors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support you anytime.

Here's how:

Call: Encourage your friend to call Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868. You can even call them together.

Online: Ask online because sometimes it's easier to write about what's on their mind.

Live Chat: Chat counselling lets you connect one-on-one, real time, with a Kids Help Phone counsellor, on the web or from a smartphone. Live chat schedule: Thursday to Sunday from 6 PM to 11 PM EST.

Mobile App: Stay connected, anytime and anywhere with the Always There app for free.

More information

  • Mind Your Mind – A safe place where teens like you can access resources and tools during tough times.
  • Unleash the Noise – The first Student Mental Health Innovation Summit in Canada. If you are a student and want to get involved – learn how.
  • The Jack Project – A powerful story about the often-taboo subjects of mental health and suicide. Here are some great resources and videos to support a healthy mentality as you move from high school into college, university or independent living.
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