Youth Opportunities Strategy

We know everyone doesn't always have the same opportunities to get a job or get help depending on where you live. This Ontario government strategy helps teenagers in neighbourhoods that might not have as many services as other places.

Want to make some extra money but you've never had a job before and don't know anybody hiring? If you're between 15 and 18 years old check out our Jobs for Youth Program and you could land a summer paycheque (and some experience for your resume).

With the Youth in Policing Initiative, teens between 14 and 17 years old have a chance to spend the summer working for their local Police. The program gives youth summer jobs working in everything from the canine to forensic units.

There's a chance you might run into our youth outreach workers at your favourite place to hang out like the mall or the park. We understand you might not know where to get help so these outreach workers will come to you - they'll help you get info on the programs and services in your area. - This website is also part of the Youth Opportunities Strategy. It provides all youth in Ontario with information about services and resources.

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